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slave pallet

The slave pallet is the work - horse of the cargo terminal - all pallets or containers are lifted on pallets of some sort.
Manufactured with structural steel components to maximize the life of your pallet, no Sheet Metal.
Pallet transfer direction: lengthwise transfer, crosswise transfer, and both directions.
Transfer fork pocket location: on the long side, short side, or both.
Fork pocket dimensions vary with each forklift configuration.Specify both the maximum of the forks, as well as the dimensions of the forks, closest to the forklift (maximum dimension).
Standard capacity: 15,000 lbs., or 20,000 lbs.
Options: pallet stops for 88in x 125in pallets, and/or 96in x 125 in pallet
Renmark - Pacific also manufactures an elevating slave pallet, which allows a fully - loaded 15,000 lb. pallet to be lifted to the 20in transfer height with a 5,000lb forklift. Standard configuration of the elevating slave pallet is for lengthwise transfer.
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