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elevating conveyor

Used to allow pallets to be raised or lowered between the two standard transfer heights; 8 in. and 20 in. This is the most convenient method of transferring a pallet from a slave pallet to a pallet dolley.
An elevating conveyor can also be built to act as a Right Angle Transfer Deck. This is often used in the middle of a long conveyor, or by-pass system. In this case, the pallets can either be moved along the conveyor at the upper height, or the conveyor lowered to pallet or dolly height and removed from the line.
Standard capacity: 15,000 lbs., 20,000 lbs., or 40,000 lbs (dual, for 20ft pallet).
Standard height range: 6 in. minimum to 22 in. maximum.
Standard options: scale, multiple control stations.
Standard position size is approximately 8ft. x 11ft. For wing pallets (LD-29 and others) use an 8ft x 16ft elevating conveyor.
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