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SL - 15 aircraft loader

A moneysaving method of loading an aircraft, especially in new markets or light traffic routes.
Much safer than loading with a forklift. A single airframe-impact from a pallet will result in costs much higher than the purchase price of a slave loader.
Ideal for loading/unloading combination flights in remote locations.
Can also be used as a truck loader for temporary facilities. Also great as a back-up loader. Makes for inexpensive insurance when your location only has one loader.
A forklift positions the loader at the aircraft. The loader uses hydraulic power from the forklift to raise and lower pallets.
Costs less than a rebuilt powered aircraft loader, with greater reliability.
Standard capacity: 15,000 lbs.
Aircraft options: narrow body (raises deck from 20 in to 130 in) lower deck of main body (raises deck from 20 in to 144 in) truck loader (raises bed from 19 in to 65 in). For main deck applications, combine with our Fly-Away Loader Adapter.
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