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Docklifts provide the principal means for getting a pallet into a warehouse from a truck.
Standard docklifts are built in a pit inside the cargo warehouse (see autocad image for typical pit requirements), but can also be installed outside the warehouse to minimize interior floor space use.
Standard minimum height is 36" above road level.
Standard maximum height is 66" above road level.
If fitted with side-shift, the deck can move side to side up to 12 inches to mate with the truckbed.
Can be fitted with either powered or non-powered (gravity) rollers.
Standard capacity: 15,000 lbs., 20,000 lbs., or 40,000 lbs (dual, for 20ft pallet).
Standard options: scale, multiple control stations, side-shift.
When integrated with a powered conveyor, interlocks prevent a pallet from being driven into a not fully-opened door.
Other safety interlocks available.

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